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was there more Latin rhythm on top 40 radio 40 years ago? 5 YouTube links

Mandrill: Hang Loose (YouTube) 1973 War: Cisco Kid (YouTube) 1972 Steely Dan: Do It Again (YouTube) 1972 Malo: Suavecito (YouTube) 1972 Santana: Evil Ways (YouTube) 1969

extending play: from lp’s to mp3′s and beyond

One of the benefits that record companies enjoyed when albums were the prevalent packaging for pop music was the upward pressure this scheme placed on song prices. In a typical pop* album, there will be a few hit songs as well as some songs that never really catch on. Yet even these less popular songs […]

Noise as signal: overdetermined music from The Jesus & Mary Chain through My Bloody Valentine and Autechre to I Break Horses

music videos on YouTube: I Break Horses Hearts (2011) Crystal Castles Celestica (2008) The Field Sun & Ice (2006) Autechre Gantz Graf (2002) Fennesz Shisheido (2001) Kid606 Catstep (2000) Nobukazu Takemura Icefall (1999) Atari Teenage Riot Anarchy 999 (1999) Queens of the Stone Age: Regular John (1998) Oval Do While (1995) My Bloody Valentine Soon […]

About a year of tweets, archived here for posterity.

I began this current journal, XSML, with the intent of reducing my own notes to extra small, XML-friendly updates. Increasingly, I have been drawn by the allure of the 140 character limit of Twitter. I may get a round Tuit and synchronize my use of Twitter with this blog. For now, here’s a dump of […]

Rita Indiana name checking Minor Threat into the merengue canon.

Thanks to our friend Joni Daher I have just learned about Rita Indiana Y Los Misterios The song Esqueibol (Skateboard), is pure gold. Starting at 9m30s, Rita breaks it down: Cuando yo tenia 12 años Yo tenia un primo que se llamaba Alex El vivia en Orlando per venia todos los veranos Alex se cortaba […]

Disco music: Popcorn vs. State of Things

1972: Hot Butter’s Popcorn 2007: Simian Mobile Disco’s State of Things

Pop chopped and screwed.

I often wonder if a single song can inspire an entire genre. Certainly, there are combinations that are so influential they turn up again and again. Consider 10cc’s Not In Love and Hall & Oates’ Can’t Go For That, followed by The Avalanches’ Since I Left You and Boards of Canada’s Aquarius and most recently […]

rainy sunday in LA – YouTube soundtrack. The Field, The Cure, Daft Punk, Little Dragon

Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime – The Field Nightvision – Daft Punk Blinking Pigs – Little Dragon Analyse – Thom Yorke A Forest – The Cure Minor chords, long filter sweeps, FM synthesis and tiny drum kits.

Eleven years ago, five years ago, playing The New World. Also, the video.

True story. Our band Pepito began in San Francisco, California on a Thanksgiving day in 1999, with a brand new Blueberry iMac, a cracked copy of Reason and a then four year old copy of SoundEdit16. That night, we had dinner at the Indian Oven in the Lower Haight. I was 26 years old. Ana […]

An old song of ours called “Get Out”.

This may be my favorite of our old songs – at this moment. Thank you Chris Palmatier for making the synth so Pat Benatar at the end. Chris Groves and Ana Machado on vocals. Brian Fraser sampled on drums.

The 80′s keeps getting better: Passion Pit “The Reeling”, Friendly Fires “Jump In the Pool” and “Too Dramatic” by Ra Ra Riot

The 1980s keeps getting better and better in the retelling: Passion Pit “The Reeling” Friendly Fires “Jump In the Pool” “Too Dramatic” by Ra Ra Riot

Stuck in the 70s, 80′s, 90′s, 00′s: the iTunes Genius playlist generator can’t make associations across decades.

One of my favorite things about music is how clearly it adheres to the dialectical mode of thesis (let’s use more synthesizers!), antithesis (no, let’s use more guitars!) and synthesis (LCD Soundsystem). For that reason, some of the most exciting mixtapes or playlists are those that make connections across time and space, revealing how musical […]

Sony, 30 years of headphone music and psychoaccoustic tomfoolery in Wham!’s Everything She Wants

Josh Marshall notes that Sony is retiring the Walkman and what a revolution that product represents. I couldn’t agree more. Just now I was listening to Everything She Wants by Wham! (1984) and for the first time picked up on its use of psychoaccoustic trickery. In the chorus that begins at 5m24s, you’ll hear a […]

Exceptional rhythmn programming in singles by Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott and Amerie

Nicki Minaj Massive Attack Missy Elliott Pass That Dutch Amerie 1 Thing

LCD Soundsystem vs Pavement

As they’re back in the news for a reunion, I have been listening to and thinking about Pavement recently. Their songs are still as fresh for me as they were 15 years ago when I last listened to them – at that time, obsessively, for months on end. But they are not as rewarding – not after […]

A total guess on Pandora’s “random walks”.

My guess is that when you first launch a Pandora station it begins at the dead center of the Venn diagram created by all the people who have also endorsed/requested the artist / song you have requested. Pandora then begins to wander further and further away from that core. When you validate a song it […]

music: mastodon’s “the last baron”

because it was released on iTunes as an album-only purchase, i’d not heard Mastodon’s The Last Baron until today. it is by far one of the most ridiculously well executed songs of the genre. whatever that genre might be. previously: jesus christ pose by soundgarden. and, i’m told, rush. also, meshuggah and the raymond scott […]

Music: Little Dragon

Somewhere between Feist and La Roux, if you avoid their nods to neo soul. Favorite songs: Feather, Fortune, My Step, Runabout and Blinking Pigs.

Absorbing energy transmitted by sound waves.

It had been two years since I last heard music so loud for so long as I did tonight. Before that, I’d done it very often, as frequently as several times a week, for years, going back to my late teens. Despite the ringing of inner ears and the exhaustion of absorbing so much energy, […]

Is that the alarm?

The marching band down the street had been teasing out the riff for about 10 minutes before they hit the recognizable phrase. They’re playing the Steve Miller Band’s Fly Like an Eagle (“Time keeps on slippin’”) at 7 am. It’s a spectacular wake-up alarm. Well played, Eagle Rock High School Senior Jazz Band.