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mobil gas pump interface suggestion

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more on Mexican restaurants; planting a cactus in too small a pot

A few weeks ago I asked why Mexican restaurants are so often decorated like 19th century ranch homes when Mexico is a living, modern culture. Such decor perpetuates the lie that traditions are preserved in amber, when, in fact, they are preserved by usage and adaptation. La Surtidora Abarrotera Mercantil “Julio Gabriel Verne” is the […]

stacks of colored objects, some icons

candlesticks by victoria delany shuffle table from &tradition flavia by Ettore Sottsass kebab lamp by committee Thunderbird house post, Chief Wakas pole, Sky Chief pole.

should Mexican restaurants always be decorated like 19th century ranch homes?

Near our home is a newish Mexican restaurant that bills itself as a “modern Mexican delicatessen.” Like many Mexican restaurants, it is decorated as if it were a 19th century Mexican ranch home. It has dark wood beams, stone and brick walls (they’re painted-on, like trompe l’oeil) and the shelves are lined with knickknacks resembling […]

committee for lladro, campana brothers for lacoste

Top: Love I, Love II, Love III from Lladro by Committee Bottom: Campanas + Lacoste The logical conclusion. Being consumed by the sign.

Good graphic design can make the difference between a convert and confusion.

This morning, I saw the following text on an advertising poster in a parking lot in Glendale, CA: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE The graphic designer chose to use the darker of two similar colors on the letters that spell out “NOTHING IS POSSIBLE”. This is probably the exact opposite of what the client wanted to communicate […]

About a year of tweets, archived here for posterity.

I began this current journal, XSML, with the intent of reducing my own notes to extra small, XML-friendly updates. Increasingly, I have been drawn by the allure of the 140 character limit of Twitter. I may get a round Tuit and synchronize my use of Twitter with this blog. For now, here’s a dump of […]

“becomes more informed and demanding (thanks to the internet forums)”

While reading up on a ridiculously high-performance kitchen appliance, I found this quote from a manufacturer: Between the year 2000 – 2001 the market conditions change, the end-user becomes more informed and demanding (thanks also to the internet forums) and a new class of consumer demands more performing machines I don’t see how this isn’t […]

A limited caribbean confederation flag

An obvious start. The flags of Cuba and Puerto Rico combined. previously: The British Isles became the United Kingdom. What might the Caribbean islands have been?

Hate the game, not the player. Immigrant family highway safety sign edition.

Diagram as commentary: how Goldman Sachs circumvents SEC with Facebook offering.

Reggie Middleton’s diagram for his post, Goldman Creates a Facebook Hedge Fund for HNW Clients Historically Ripped Off By Such Vehicles, Spits In Face Of SEC is not the prettiest or leanest of its kind but it’s probably a more effective device for communicating the same ideas to a wider audience than the corresponding number […]

Clever advert for Lifetime femicide of the week movie.

A delightfully clever advert from Lifetime: I can’t decide if the ♀ female sign inside the delete icon kills it or makes it. Also, the “Lifetime” logo: written in the blood of women who love too much.

Facebook + smart grids + cash prizes = It’s on! (and off!)

I know my fellow consumers. We are a conspicuous competitive lot. Look at what I got. Also, free shit. Everyone loves free shit. I was just trying to remember whether or not you’re supposed to unplug a transformer after you’re done charging your phone when I was reminded that we’re supposed to be getting smart […]

Never mind the iOS “home” button. The whole screen should offer physical feedback.

The “home” button Apple has designed the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and Touch) with a single physical button for navigation: the round “home” button. When you press the home button, the concave surface “clicks” down on a spring. This physical behavior transmits important information to your brain, starting with the nerves in your fingertips. It […]

Are there two types of feedback for ads, click-through and click-off?

I’ve seen two electronic ads today I was happy to “reject”: one for a conspiracy video and the other for Meg Whitman. In the case of the former I was able to dismiss the ad. I hope that “click-off” information was sent back to Google, et al. In the second, I was only invited to […]

A total guess on Pandora’s “random walks”.

My guess is that when you first launch a Pandora station it begins at the dead center of the Venn diagram created by all the people who have also endorsed/requested the artist / song you have requested. Pandora then begins to wander further and further away from that core. When you validate a song it […]

The iPod Nano and augmented reality.

While likely to get some kids jumped, the new iPod Nano is a brilliant step towards augmented reality. Note how yesteryear’s band buttons have now become electronic, mutable, interactive. then now

Will computers in 2050 finally look like the ones we imagined in the 1950s?

A user on MetaFilter has argued that a well designed item is that which lasts a long time – or, perhaps, an item which the owner values for a long time. Here’s my response wherein I argue that if the item is fun to use, pretty to look at, and works well for many years after […]

Marble, glass, metal.

Galata by Konstantin Grcic for Marsotto Edizioni

art: spelling tables

corner #2 by ron gilad LA tall table by Faktura